Read&Roll Toilet paper and magazine holder
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Read&Roll toilet paper and magazine holder
Designer: Direnc Demirbas
Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 20 X 24 x 11
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All of us have watched someone stroll into the bathroom with a magazine under their arm or seen a generous stack of reading materials within reach of the toilet. There is a significant population of toilet readers among us; enough to warrant the installation of magazine racks in bathrooms. design bu’s “Read & Roll” takes this idea even further, integrating the toilet roll holder with flexible magazine and book storage: ideal for the avid toilet reader.
I occasionally flip through magazines while brushing my teeth or blow-drying my hair but have never been one to read on the loo. I simply don’t spend enough time there to make it worth my while. Nevertheless, the ingenious concept and sleek design are a means of eliminating current problems in the bathroom. Stacks of reading materials clutter countertops, often wet due to their proximity to the sink. Pages stick together and warp, ink bleeds, essentially rendering these items recyclable rather than readable. Read & Roll by design bu makes reading materials accessible while keeping them neat and dry.
The design is clean and modern, a single piece of thin ABS Plastic bends to provide two functions within the single piece. The toilet roll holder is easy to refill, a single horizontal piece with a notch at the end to prevent the roll from sliding off. Behind it, the magazine holder provides generous storage space for your reading materials. Operating similarly to a money clip, its flexible design keeps the materials secure. A crisp white finish combined with the simplicity of the design for a streamlined aesthetic.
In the United States, reading and toilets go together like, well, toilet paper and toilets. The average American spends nearly 41 hours a year reading on the toilet. We couldn’t find statistics for toilet reading in other countries, but it must be an international phenomena because best designed combination toilet-paper-holder-and-magazine-rack we’ve spotted comes not from the U.S.A. but from Turkey.
It is there that architect Direnç Demirbaş developed the Read And Roll, a sleek, sculptured item that you might mistake for a postmodern work of art if it were hanging in a museum and not on your bathroom wall. The Read And Roll holds a roll of toilet paper in front and a book/magazine/newspaper in back, making it especially useful for small bathrooms or toilets located in tight spaces.
The Read And Roll is 20 x 24 cm (7.8 x 9.5 inches) and is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) resin with injection molding, which means the Read And Roll is not only durable and light but also exceptionally fire resistant. (Though, if your bathroom was on fire we suspect you have larger concerns).
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Simplistic and sleek designs seem to be a current trend and this piece by Turkish architect Direnc Demirbas is both and much more. Read & Roll saves space in our ever-so shrinking bathrooms by combining your magazine rack with your toilet paper holder while keeping it elegant and inviting. Freshome tells us that it’s made by plastic injection molding and thanks to its flexibility it can hold diverse thicknesses.
A lot of people like to read in bathroom, and Read & Roll is something especially designed for this. Read & Roll designed by Turkish Architect Direnc Demirbas is a simple and elegant solution for both toilet roll and a space for magazines newspapers and books. It is made by plastic injection molding and thanks to its flexibility it can hold diverse thicknesses.
There’s no doubt that the bathroom is a prime place to get some reading done. But if you have a small bathroom with limited floorspace you might not have room for a full fledged magazine rack. That’s where the Read and Roll can help you. It’s a simple design- a toilet paper holder with a slot for a magazine behind it. Simple and convenient. And as a bonus, if you run out of toilet paper, you have some backup paper for wiping right within your reach. Let’s bring this to America!
"This ingenious invention from Turkish architect Direnc Demirbas combines your two biggest bathroom necessities: toilet paper and reading material. What a great idea for small bathrooms! I've seen other models around but to me, the Read & Roll does the best job of combining form with function. Plus it looks great even without the magazines!
"Thank Gawd!
I'm not one to get all up in other peoples bathroom business, but I get really bummed out when I see a bunch of mags just spread about the floor near the toilet area. This is a great design that's practical, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing

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